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Life Is the Art of Drawing Without an Eraser… Really!

Life Quotes image courtesy of www.slowbuddy.com via Google Images
Mr. John Gardner said it best…”Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.” Life Quotes image courtesy of http://www.slowbuddy.com via Google Images

Life really is the art of drawing, without an eraser. These words ring clearly in my mind, although I cannot take credit… a wiser man than me, by the name of John Gardener, wrote this quote, some time ago.

Mona Lisa is a perfect example of beautiful imperfection. Image courtesy of Google Images
The Mona Lisa is a perfect example of beautiful imperfection. Image courtesy of Google Images

Life can leave a messy, smudged and imperfect canvas, at least, a life truly traveled can… these imperfections combined, make the perfectly, imperfect artistic medium, to create a masterpiece. The Mona Lisa is far from perfect…. this is what makes her a priceless painting! We are all priceless…some just frame their artwork better!

We all start out as a single speck…a solitary smudge on an enormous, asymmetrical canvas… We add more lines, shapes, stains and mismatched colors to our canvas, as the years quickly pass us by. Sometimes we are lucky enough to start a shared canvas with loved ones… Art always starts as a single smudge…a solitary color…and grows into something beautiful, whether we paint our own or share a canvas with others!

We start as a tiny smudge img courtesy of www.unitedstarseeds.com via Google Images
We all start as a tiny smudge on an enormous canvas. img courtesy of http://www.unitedstarseeds.com via Google Images

I find Mr. Gardener’s simple, yet genius sentence true… Life to me, really is more about creating my own Mona Lisa… my priceless, smudged and imperfect canvas!

Living free and without regret, in itself, is an art form that we, as members of the human-race, have to master in order to achieve a shared canvas full of unruly lines, coffee stains and LOVE !

written by Emery Myers